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  • The other packing specifications are custom, please contact us for inquire. For SMD products,recommendation packing quantity is specified as below table. Please order in accordance with packing quantity.

    1. Cylinder

      • Cylinder products are packed in vinyl bags per lot of 250 to 1000 pcs. From 5 to 20 bags are then placed in inner boxes to make a lot. Inner boxes are then placed in cartons for shipment. ( the quantity varies with the model.)

      • Cylinder.jpg

    2. DIP

      • Dip products are placed into antistatic IC tubes and packed into boxes for shipment.

      • DIP.jpg

    3. SMD

      • SMD products are packed in the shipping carton as below table in accordance with taping standards EIA-481 and IEC-60286.

      • SMD.jpg

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